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Family Guy, Animation For Adults

Family guy is a show about a fat screw up dad that always finds a way to put his family in a bad situation, but ends up solving the problems at the end of the show. Within his family, he has a wife, a daughter, two sons, and a dog. The dog can talk, and this adds humor to the show because the dog has a personality just like any other person. The son that is a baby wants to kill his mom, and his goal throughout each episode is to find a way to take out his mother. The other two kids have no real importance, but they are constantly used to create humor. The dad is the main focus of the show because he does so many dumb things that no person would ever think of doing. His constant wrong decisions are what keeps the show going because of the humor that he creates.

Each episode of the show is a self-contained plot that does not depend upon other episodes. The episodes run a similar pattern that involve a crisis at the beginning with a resolution at the end, However, many episodes include a crisis at the beginning that has been forgotten because of a second crisis happening within the middle of the show. I think that this aspect of the show is what makes it different from many other adult animated television shows. As stated, this show is definitely for adults, and I do not recommend that children watch this show. The jokes are funny, but at times they can be taken a bit far for some people’s ears. If your kids are watching TBS or Fox, then watch out for this show because those are the networks that it airs on. TBS shows the reruns of the episodes while Fox is the network that shows the new episodes.

Family Guy is my favorite animated television show because of the complete randomness and humor of all the characters. From the dad to the baby son, the humor never stops and the problems that the family face are different compared to problems normal people face in today’s society. The random cut scenes when the dad is comparing a current situation to another are hilarious, and these scenes stick in my mind and cause me to laugh even when I am not watching the show.

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