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Border Crossing – A Documentary

Today I decided to choose an interesting documentary to watch on Youtube, and the one that I came across was titled Border Crossing. Obviously, the southern border of America has been in constant debate recently. Many people just want the illegal immigrant problem fixed, while others want the problem fixed, but in a specific way. This documentary focused on the experience a person from Mexico goes through while trying to cross the border into the United States. I think the purpose of this video was to help show the illegal immigration problem of the United States, while at the same time allowing the viewers to experience the journey that these Mexican people take to “save their families.” The video was interesting because the viewer was allowed an inside look at the process and the outcome of attempting to cross the border. I thought that the video would be a bit more popular because of its interesting topic, but it only has 16,000 views as of today. This means that the video has not gone viral, and I think this is because it is a low budget documentary that does not have any advertising. I did like how the producer got up close and personal with the Mexican people, this allowed for the viewer to get a better feel as to the lives of these people. I will definitely take that into consideration if I were to film more documentaries one day.

I decided to read the viewer comments from Youtube, and the main discussion going on amongst the viewers is today’s economy and how the illegal immigrants are affecting the United States. A few people seem to like how the government is handling the immigration problem, while most people are asking fora change, and they want it now.

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