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PSA & Commercial

PSAs have been broadcasted to viewers of television for years, and their goal is to persuade the audience in a certain direction. The PSA “I Learned it by Watching You” was a PSA against the usage of drugs. The PSA includes a kid who has his drugs found by his dad, and his dad begins to ask him why he had the drugs. The kid then responds by telling his father that he learned about drugs from watching his dad use them. This PSA is meant for the parents of children because the goal is to tell parents that they need to set a good example for their children. The dramatic effect of the child telling his dad that he learned about drugs from his dad is supposed to strike the heart of parents who do this exact same thing around their children. This PSA could appeal to a lot of different demographics, but I feel that it is aimed towards lower income families who tend to have drugs involved with their lives. This PSA was an affective one in my opinion because it targets the parents instead of the kids, and the parents are the best place to begin a fix for a problem.

The network that produces my favorite commercials is ESPN because they relate the day to day office routine with athletes and mascots. They did a commercial recently that involved one of their employees attempting to get on an elevator. As the door opens he sees the mascot of the New Jersey Devil’s hockey team, which is obviously a devil. The employee then asks “Going up?” and the mascot shakes his head no. ESPN uses humor to express how their television network is a great place to watch sports and to keep yourself updated on sports news. This commercial appeals to any sports fan, and this shows that ESPN knows how to advertise based on hobbies. A lot of people, men and women, enjoy watching sports, and ESPN is attempting to create humor within the sports world. The commercial was very simple and easy to understand, and the humor made it effective at targeting its audience. Overall, this commercial was hilarious to me, and ESPN continues to create entertaining commercials by using sports related content.

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