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Family Guy, Animation For Adults

Family guy is a show about a fat screw up dad that always finds a way to put his family in a bad situation, but ends up solving the problems at the end of the show. Within his family, he has a wife, a daughter, two sons, and a dog. The dog can talk, and this adds humor to the show because the dog has a personality just like any other person. The son that is a baby wants to kill his mom, and his goal throughout each episode is to find a way to take out his mother. The other two kids have no real importance, but they are constantly used to create humor. The dad is the main focus of the show because he does so many dumb things that no person would ever think of doing. His constant wrong decisions are what keeps the show going because of the humor that he creates.

Each episode of the show is a self-contained plot that does not depend upon other episodes. The episodes run a similar pattern that involve a crisis at the beginning with a resolution at the end, However, many episodes include a crisis at the beginning that has been forgotten because of a second crisis happening within the middle of the show. I think that this aspect of the show is what makes it different from many other adult animated television shows. As stated, this show is definitely for adults, and I do not recommend that children watch this show. The jokes are funny, but at times they can be taken a bit far for some people’s ears. If your kids are watching TBS or Fox, then watch out for this show because those are the networks that it airs on. TBS shows the reruns of the episodes while Fox is the network that shows the new episodes.

Family Guy is my favorite animated television show because of the complete randomness and humor of all the characters. From the dad to the baby son, the humor never stops and the problems that the family face are different compared to problems normal people face in today’s society. The random cut scenes when the dad is comparing a current situation to another are hilarious, and these scenes stick in my mind and cause me to laugh even when I am not watching the show.

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Border Crossing – A Documentary

Today I decided to choose an interesting documentary to watch on Youtube, and the one that I came across was titled Border Crossing. Obviously, the southern border of America has been in constant debate recently. Many people just want the illegal immigrant problem fixed, while others want the problem fixed, but in a specific way. This documentary focused on the experience a person from Mexico goes through while trying to cross the border into the United States. I think the purpose of this video was to help show the illegal immigration problem of the United States, while at the same time allowing the viewers to experience the journey that these Mexican people take to “save their families.” The video was interesting because the viewer was allowed an inside look at the process and the outcome of attempting to cross the border. I thought that the video would be a bit more popular because of its interesting topic, but it only has 16,000 views as of today. This means that the video has not gone viral, and I think this is because it is a low budget documentary that does not have any advertising. I did like how the producer got up close and personal with the Mexican people, this allowed for the viewer to get a better feel as to the lives of these people. I will definitely take that into consideration if I were to film more documentaries one day.

I decided to read the viewer comments from Youtube, and the main discussion going on amongst the viewers is today’s economy and how the illegal immigrants are affecting the United States. A few people seem to like how the government is handling the immigration problem, while most people are asking fora change, and they want it now.

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The New Lebron James

Lebron James has been in the news as of late because at the end of the NBA season he became a free agent. Lebron is arguably the best basketball player in the world, so obviously every team would like to sign him as a free agent. There has been a large amount of coverage while Lebron has been going through the process of figuring out where his next destination would be, if not back in Cleveland. Lebron decided to do a one hour special on ESPN to announce where he had decided to take his basketball skills, and a lot of controversy erupted from the thought of Lebron’s “self-centeredness” for having a live show to say one sentence about where he was going. The NBA star chose to go to Miami, and this angered all Cleveland fans, and created even more coverage throughout the media. Every type of news medium covered the steps of Lebron’s free agency, from local to international, and they all had their own opinion on the matter.

The first news article that I read about Lebron James leaving Cleveland was from the local Cleveland news. This article started out with the author explaining that he was stunned when Lebron decided to leave the city that he had played for his entire career. The local news took a stand against Lebron James with this article as they go on to question why he decided to go on ESPN with a one hour special all about himself and his decision. Because Lebron James left his hometown, the local news obviously took a bias and decided to turn against the NBA star. At the end of the article, the author begins to write directly toward Cleveland fans, which shows that his language is meant to be seen by fans of the NBA team. Overall, this article was against Lebron and the decision that he made.


The second article about Lebron Jame’s free agency period that I read was from the national news. CNN wrote a blog article about Lebron’s decision to play for the Miami Heat. This article begins differently than the local one as it starts with quotes from Lebron about when he decided to make his decision, and it gives facts about his free agency period. This is different from the local, because the local took a bias from the beginning against Lebron James. Also, the language within this article was mostly neutral as the article did not take sides. Mostly, the entire article was full of quotes, and I think that CNN did a good job of keeping a bias out of this article.


I then found a video from television from an ESPN show called Sportsnation. The video from Sportsnation creates a fake “The Decision” situation that is poking fun at how Lebron told the world where he was going to play. The ESPN show created a similar atmosphere to the Lebron announcement, and they asked similar questions that were asked to Lebron, but did it in a jokingly matter. The main goal of this video was to insult Lebron and his decision to broadcast his announcement on a one hour television special. Within the video, after the joke is over, Bill Simmons explains that he liked the announcement because it created a villan atmosphere Lebron. This video takes a bias against Lebron because it makes fun of him and also points him out as a bad guy. The language in this video express humor that is used to bring down Lebron.


The fourth article that I viewed was an international article that covered Lebron James, and it was from BBC. This article from BBC starts out by telling the audience who Lebron is, and then compares the importance of his free agency drama to that of a popular internationally known soccer player. The article for James was very short, and the author just hit the main facts about the story and did not go into a discussion about whether or not he agrees or disagrees with Lebron’s decision. There is no bias found in this article because it is an international news company, and their main focus is not American sports. The article did use a similar quote to what was found within the CNN article.


The fifth article that I viewed was from a radio broadcast from NPR, and they took a bias approach against Lebron and ESPN. The speaker starts the article by poking fun at ESPN for broadcasting Lebron’s announcement on a one hour special, and then the speaker takes a shot at Lebron by reminding him to take his ego with him. The language of the article is used to attack Lebron and his decision, and the entire article is against Lebron. Because the medium for this article was the radio, there is are a lot of words used and a lot of discussion instead of going straight to the point. Overall, the radio broadcasted attacked Lebron and ESPN, and there was a complete bias against the two.


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PSA & Commercial

PSAs have been broadcasted to viewers of television for years, and their goal is to persuade the audience in a certain direction. The PSA “I Learned it by Watching You” was a PSA against the usage of drugs. The PSA includes a kid who has his drugs found by his dad, and his dad begins to ask him why he had the drugs. The kid then responds by telling his father that he learned about drugs from watching his dad use them. This PSA is meant for the parents of children because the goal is to tell parents that they need to set a good example for their children. The dramatic effect of the child telling his dad that he learned about drugs from his dad is supposed to strike the heart of parents who do this exact same thing around their children. This PSA could appeal to a lot of different demographics, but I feel that it is aimed towards lower income families who tend to have drugs involved with their lives. This PSA was an affective one in my opinion because it targets the parents instead of the kids, and the parents are the best place to begin a fix for a problem.

The network that produces my favorite commercials is ESPN because they relate the day to day office routine with athletes and mascots. They did a commercial recently that involved one of their employees attempting to get on an elevator. As the door opens he sees the mascot of the New Jersey Devil’s hockey team, which is obviously a devil. The employee then asks “Going up?” and the mascot shakes his head no. ESPN uses humor to express how their television network is a great place to watch sports and to keep yourself updated on sports news. This commercial appeals to any sports fan, and this shows that ESPN knows how to advertise based on hobbies. A lot of people, men and women, enjoy watching sports, and ESPN is attempting to create humor within the sports world. The commercial was very simple and easy to understand, and the humor made it effective at targeting its audience. Overall, this commercial was hilarious to me, and ESPN continues to create entertaining commercials by using sports related content.

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Television Commercial Analysis

Tonight I decided to watch the television show “Family Guy” at 8:00pm. The show was obviously a rerun because the character designs looked terrible, which meant that it was an episode from the first season of the show. While watching Family Guy, I saw twenty-five different commercials, and none of them were ever shown twice. I thought that this was interesting because when I usually watch a television show, I feel like I see at least one commercial twice. A common theme found amongst these commercials was that they all seemed to be aimed at an age group between 15 and 24 years old. A sample of the commercials shown include the new Twilight movie, fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds, and World of Warcraft.

One of the commercials that stood out to me as being focused toward the 15 to 24 age group was a Sunkist commercial. This commercial was advertising their orange soda, and they used a popular spot for people of this age group, the beach. The commercial included multiple people, who looked to be around 18 years old, running around and enjoying the beach while wearing swimwear. The commercial included both men and women, and they were all having a good time. Their attempt at connection their soda to the beach was a success with this commercial. Sunkist chose the beach to market their product because their logo is a sun, and what better place to see and play in the sun than the beach.

Personally, I feel that Sunkist did a good job with this commercial because they included many different aspects of a person in their target age group. Their goal was to combine their product with that age groups favorite place to be. The beach, sun, and cold drinks are all things that interest people of that age. Sunkist’s marketers did a great job understanding what people in the 15-24 age group enjoy.

– Scott Hutcheson

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